Including but not limited to: Breakfast, Free Play, Story Time, Snack, Recess, Clean Up, Lunch, Instructional, Activities, Naptime, Crafts, Snack (again)

Schedule of Daily Activities

School opening:                7:00am

Breakfast:                         8:10am

Morning circle:                  9:00am

Center/Activity time:          9:30am

Recess:                            10:00am

Group/Story time:             11:00am

Lunch:                              11:20am

Nap:                                  12:00pm

Afternoon snack:               2:30pm

Science/Music:                  3:45pm

Afternoon recess:              4:30pm

School closing:                  5:30pm

Open House

To Be Announced

Preschool Teacher and Students
Preschool Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony